USAball, also known as Americaball, USball, or 'Muricaball, is a large countryball located in North America. USAball is a common character that employs general stereotypes of Americans. He loves oil, freedom, democracy, and hamburgers, and loathes of communism and anyone who opposes him.

USAball is often portrayed in the countryball universe as loud and sometimes rude, but a logical and multiculturalist character who is strong and cool. He is sometimes drawn as a blob in reference to the fat American stereotype. He can be kind of belligerent sometimes. He is very important to the history of democracy, he usually has an invited presence, as he always mentions his freedom and making peace.

USAball is one of the richest countryballs on Earth and leads the world with his economy. At times, he makes exceptions with who he leads, giving him both allies and enemies. These enemies have fought USAball several times, and because of this, USAball enjoys war. It is a common joke on an international level that USAball will get into wars, which has some truth, as USAball ever not involved at some level in at least 1 war.

USAball, being an important world power, is part of the G8, G20, United Nations, NATO, and other countryball clubs. He holds a large military presence and defends his clay with aggressive honour.

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